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Gundry MD Olive Oil Reviews

We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. Read All Gundry MD Olive Oil reviews below. These Olive Oil reviews are from actual Gundry MD customers.

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Tom, on 09-07-2021
The Olive oil is the best

Your olive oil is wonderful. My energy level has never been higher and my joints haven't bothered me since I've been taking it.

Joseph1, on 09-07-2021
Morning Routine

Like Dr. G - I take two tablespoons first thing in the morning. I love olive oil in general but especially enjoy swirling this product around in my mouth for a few seconds to better enjoy it!! After a few months, I've noticed easing of knee joint pain and smoother knuckle joint skin. I'm sold :)

Curtis Grimm, on 09-03-2021

I like the flavor that is adds to ground meat. I hunt whitetail deer and grind the meet to make hamburger meat. I usually harvest enough deer to use venison exclusively during the year. I haven't bought ground hamburger in over twenty years. I use to use butter to brown the venison but now I use the Gundry olive oil. Venison is very lean so I have to use a lot of olive oil and have really enjoyed the added flavor. I know a lot of people that say venison has a gamey taste to it but if you use proper techniques is processing the deer, the meat will not taste gamey.

Marilyn Gore, on 09-25-2019
The Best Tasting Olive Oil Ever!

I was excited when my Olive Oil arrived because it came faster than expected. Upon delivery, the first thing I did was open one of the bottles and tasted its content. The aroma and mouth watering flavor were my moments of satisfaction. I sprinkle the olive oil on my salads, pasta, and toasts. I often stir a few teaspoons into my cereal. I have not missed a day without using my Olive Oil.I have noticed that my skin is as soft and smooth as a young child's. My husband keeps commenting on how smooth my skin feels. I attribute his observation to the Olive Oil since I have not done anything differently except to add the oil to my diet. I continue to experience a bundle of energy which allows me to accomplish many tasks during the day. Last week, after I shampooed my hair, I combed through a few teaspoons of Olive Oil. Again, the result was soft, manageable hair. I am extremely happy with my product!! I have started to use it sparingly so that I am not out too soon!! Thank you Dr. Gundry!!

Brenda, on 09-24-2021

I am loving this olive oil. My favorite ways to enjoy it are in a vinaigrette salad dressing or on roasted vegetables and dipping crusty Italian bread in the oil. I have lost a few pounds and my skin does not feel as dry. So glad I ordered Dr. Gundry's Polyphenol-rich Olive Oil!

Rosa P, on 09-17-2021

This is a awesome olive oil. I love the taste and smell!

Sheri D, on 09-16-2021
Olive greatness

This olive oil is awesome. The smell is like no other and the taste is amazing.

Paul T, on 08-07-2021
The smell

The very first thing I noticed upon opening the bottle was the smell. For all the bottles of olive oil I've purchased over the years, never have I smelled the olives like I do with the Gundry Olive oil. I could tell right away that this finally was the REAL stuff! And, it tastes like olive oil too. I guess I really have been buying bogus/counterfeit olive oil all these years. I haven't used in every meal but every meal I have included it, it's been great. Thanks Dr. Gundry!

Customer Gloria King, on 08-07-2019

Dr.Gundry, I have tried olive oil from across the globe but the olive oil i order from you wins hands down. Absolutely the best.

Michelle D, on 08-24-2021

I'm someone who likes fruity or nutty olive oil, and no pepper finish, so I was skeptical that I'd like it given all the talk of polyphenols and a cough at the end being a good thing, but I got an offer, and have grown to trust Dr Gundry, so gave it a try. I haven't put my finger on the taste yet - it's like none other I've tried and I've been to an olive oil tasking in Italy and belong to an olive oil club. All I can say is that it is smooth and gives a pleasant tickle at the back of my throat and in my nose. I'll buy it again!

Clint E, on 08-20-2021

I feel good when I use this on salads or in salad dressing. I notice the improvement over grocery store extra virgin olive oil. Another meaningful difference over store bought, I make a salad dressing Apple Maple Vinagrette. When I use store bought the ingredients separate. When I use Gundry Olive Oil, the salad dressing stays mixed up in the fridge and when used.

Joyce, on 08-20-2021

I use this oil to cook and on salads. I love the pepper taste. My extended family love my salads but I know the secret is Gundry Olive Oil!

Sharon G, on 08-20-2021
Best ever!

This wonderful olive oil has the best flavor of any I've tried. I love the prominent olive taste and richness.

Felicitas M, on 08-19-2021


Sharren S, on 08-19-2021
Can't touch other Olive oil now

After using this awesome olive oil, I can't even use another one - it's like night and day; the taste and benefits. I feel great after having it!

Sheila R, on 08-10-2021
Fresh Aroma

This oil really does have a fresh aroma not found in most other olive oils. It enhances the salad , dipping oil and more.

George C, on 07-08-2021
Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil

I am a big fan of olive oil. Over the years I have graduated from cheap Bertolli olive oil to other brands of either Italian or Spanish olive oil that are sold at Whole Foods. Before I found Gundry's polyphenol-rich olive oil, I was using an expensive oil from Italy that cost about $30 per bottle. When I first tried Gundry's olive oil, I could taste the difference immediately because it had more "bite" to it. It also appeared to be greener in color than the other olive oils. Based on all the research, I know that it is doing good things for my health.

Tammy L Guns, on 07-06-2019
LOVE Dr. Gundry Olive Oil

I love to use Dr. Gundry's Olive Oil on my salad as my dressing. It adds such a nice flavor. I love the olive oil so much that I also use the Dr. Gundry Polyphenol Pearls in my salad. I am 54 but people tell me I look 42 because my skin is so soft and smooth! Highly Recommend!

Careena, on 07-03-2020
Amazing olive oil that tastes like olives!!!

I was so excited to try Gundry Olive Oil after it arrived. It was truly a splurge for me. It is so special I am using it only raw to get the full flavour; like on my salads or just straight in a tablespoon. It tastes better than any other olive oil I have tried and I am sharing it with my friends. One of my friends lives in Temecula which is also known for its olives and olive oil and she was so surprised at how good Gundry Olive Oil is and how much it tastes like olives. Love this product! Thank you so much!!!

Roselda M, on 07-20-2021
Stay Healthy

I take 2 tbsp every morning and am getting the nutrients that this Gundry olive oil provides. I gave a bottle each to my 2 daughters and 1 to my son-in-law. And they think I have the best source of the polyphenols from this Gundry olive oil. I use this for all that requires oil, except in cooking.I strongly endorse this product. I even have the 3bots bundle on auto-ship.

Connie D., on 07-13-2021
Very flavorful!

I have always used olive oil in all my cooking. I.have only started using this Gundry olive oil for a couple of weeks but I definitely noticed the difference. I know I will continue using it. It's worth every penny we paid. Thank you.

Peter H, on 06-30-2021

I use 3 bottles of Gundry Olive Oil a month to sprinkle on the food I prepare for dinner each night. This oil adds additional flavor to every serving and I am so pleased to have discovered it. The health benefits also make it an essential part of my meal preparation.

Kenneth Bartczak, on 06-26-2019
I Love Gundry MD Olive Oil

I bought the Gundry MD Olive oil just to try it and I fell in love with it. Sometimes when I walk through the kitchen, I'll drink a teaspoon of the oil. I've bought other Moroccan Olive oils to compare the taste, and Gundry MD Olive Oil is the best. Now, I'll always have Gundry MD in my kitchen.

Karen Goodman, on 06-01-2019
Love the olive oil

The Gundry olive oil is delicious. Besides using it to sauté vegetables, I use it in baking and salad dressings. It is the best tasting olive oil I have found so far. After eating this oil I just feel happier. I highly recommend it to others.

John D'amico, on 06-01-2019
Beyond Comparison

I expected this Gundry olive oil to be full of polyphenols. I did NOT expect it to taste so... so... SUBLIME! It cannot be described. You need to try this one.

My Truong, on 05-12-2020
Yummy and Addictive..!

This is the best olive oil I have. First order was for 6 bottles. after our families, tried it they all loved and are addicted, it is so yummy. We put Gundry MD on top of most our food daily. We just ordered 24 more to share with our family. Thank you so much Gundrymd.

Mary Carolyn Ramsaur, on 05-01-2019
Dr Gundry Olive Oil

Outstanding product with triple dose polyphenols üòä I am looking forward to viewing Dr Gundry's visit to the Morroco olive groves! Gundry's Morrocan Olive Oil forever and ever and evermore üòò have purchased 8 bottles so far!

Linda M, on 04-09-2021
Feel good oil

Gundry MD olive oil is amazing! It flat out gives me energy and I feel good moving around doing things. Thank you Gundry MD for this Olive Oil. I don't have a camera to take picture but it would be me taking my morning shot of Olive Oil

John G., on 04-04-2020

I've always purchased extra virgin olive oil from Sam's Club, and thoroughly enjoyed it. After ordering 3 bottles of Gundry MD olive oil, the first thing that I did was compare the taste. First I tasted one drop of Sam's club extra virgin olive oil and then one drop of Gundrys olive oil and there was literally an instant explosion of flavor. The taste alone was incomparable, and add to that the health benefits, I was sold.

Lillian M, on 04-30-2021
The Best Olive Oil

I absolutely love this Awesome olive oil. Yes, the taste is a little different, but I actually crave it! I enjoy taking a a teaspoon, (sometimes more than that), minutes later, I have a cup of hot water and I feel set for the day! I also tried the pearls in olive oil and adore this product!!! I put it on my salads or take in a teaspoon, all by itself., as a snack, during the day. All in all, it feels good knowing I'm ingesting high quality olive oil. Thanks a million Dr. Gundry!

Rebecca Fielder, on 04-20-2020
On Par Excellence!

Dr.Gundry's special blended Olive Oil is fantastic! It is on par with all of his other products! If you have never tried this product- it is well worth the price- especially in regard to taste, how you feel, and how well it goes on salads! Wonderful!

Walter Carcione, on 04-16-2020

I bought several bottles and gave some away to family members who consider themselves knowledgeable in the world of olive oil. I do not have that knowledge but regardless I enjoyed the unique taste. The family members that consider themselves experts in taste and quality told me that Gundry olive oil Is far superior to anything they have had in their life. I trust their judgment. That being said I hope Dr. Gundry can find a way to lower the price.

David Sisson, on 04-16-2020
Takes some getting used to.

I started using Dr. Gundry olive oil in a shot. Not the best way to start, then I put it in my oatmeal each morning. It was strong at first but now I look forward to it every morning. The oil mixes well with my oatmeal and I have so much more energy. Even my wife commented that I am able to stay awake longer. It might sound like a small thing but it really has changed my life!

Marge, on 03-09-2020
Delicious AND Healthy

The olive oil is some of the best-tasting that I have had, and if it is also as good for me as Dr. Gundry says, that is an amazing combination. I love some good artisan bread dipped in oil and balsamic vinegar and have mostly enjoyed the olive oil this way [...]

Brenda Jenkins, on 03-09-2020

I'm enjoying Dr. Gundry's Olive Oil since receiving my order and using it in various methods. I've used it on salads, added to bread on sandwiches, drizzled on salmon and cod, as well as added it to my smoothies. On days when not applying to food items I've enjoyed a couple of teaspoons directly from the bottle just to add to my digestion process. I know I'm doing something to improve my daily health, inside and outside. Thank you Dr Gundry for helping me take control of my overall health!

Sheryl Evans, on 03-09-2020
Morrocan polyphenol rich Olive oil

I absolutely love the rich flavor of Dr. Gundry's olive oil. I attribute the fact that I feel so good due to this product [...] I am turning 70 this year and feel way younger [...]

Doug Hearron, on 03-09-2020
Appreciate the Difference!

Dr Gundry's Olive Oil has a bold and wonderful flavor profile. I take it daily with a tablespoon in a morning smoothie and a straight tablespoon in the afternoon. Knowing the process that this goes through to deliver an outstanding product makes you appreciate it even more. My heart and brain thank you. Highly recommended.

Sid Bemus, on 03-06-2021
Got a one tablespoon measuring spoon?

Got a one tablespoon measuring spoon? Well I do.I take at least one tablespoon a day of Gundry MD Olive Oil. Love the peppery kick. Improved energy level.Less joint pain.

Lorraine, on 03-18-2020
Loving it!

When I received the Dr Gundry olive oil, I was excited to start using it and curious to taste the difference, so I tried it right away. It tasted different and originally I wasn't quite sure if I would enjoy it or not, but the taste really grew on me quickly! I love to pour it on a halved avocado with a bit of apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Also, pretty much everyday I make a big salad for our family and add it to the "regular" cold pressed olive oil I use to make the salad dressing, just to supercharge it with polyphenols! Loving the extra little taste of this "medicinal" olive oil!

Tish Lynne, on 03-11-2020
Polyphenol Goodness ABOUNDS! Best CHOICE

My husband and I watched and listened to Dr. Gundry tell about the processing and benefits of Olive Oil, coupled with the amount we need to take per day for the maximum health benefits. Consequently, we have been using the recommended amounts per person per day in our oil and vinegar combination for salad dressing and have absolutely LOVED the taste and can FEEL the benefits in our joints and overall wellness. Thank you, Dr. Gundry! Highly recommended.

Donna, on 03-10-2021
Savor the Flavor!

I like the taste! I hadn't really noticed much else. Just finishing my 1st bottle, taking 1 Tbs each AM followed by 1 Tbs org ACV. I take a lot of supplements so it's not always easy to know what is causing what effect. Recently I have noticed my facial skin just feeling better to the touch... more supple perhaps. I didn't think any of my supplements would be making this difference but I wasn't at all thinking about Dr Gundry's olive oil, which I am using like a supplement. So now I'm of the opinion the improvements are from tne olive oil! I was wondering if I would continue ordering it. Now I believe I have my answer!

Debbe Blomdahl, on 03-10-2020
Happy !

My husband and I have been taking Gundry MD olive oil for about a month. Knowing that this olive oil is the best money can buy! We drizzle it on everything!! Loving it! Makes me So happy! Sincerely Debbe Blomdahl

Nance M Mcshane, on 03-10-2020
Olive Oil Benefits

I have been taking Dr Gundrys olive oil for almost a month. I really feel a lot better [...] I love it straight or mixed on a salad or food. The olive oil is beyond and is what an excellent oil should taste like. Thank you Dr. Gundry...sincerely Nance McShane

Valburg Mark, on 08-17-2020
Great Olive Oil

I have been taking two tablespoons of the oil every day for three months. I am sixty years old and ever since I started taking the olive oil my skin is significantly softer, and feels like Iƒ??m 30 years old. I canƒ??t believe the difference in how my skin feels. Donƒ??t even hesitate, buy three bottles right now and you will be very happy with the olive oil.

Bernardino, on 07-07-2020
Olive oil taste

It's easy to take this olive oil on anything, I like to drink it alone with my breakfast, flavor is amazing, think it's helping with my digestion I evacuated easier than before, I love it.

Careena, on 07-03-2020
Amazing olive oil that tastes like olives!!!

I was so excited to try Gundry Olive Oil after it arrived. It was truly a splurge for me. It is so special I am using it only raw to get the full flavour; like on my salads or just straight in a tablespoon. It tastes better than any other olive oil I have tried and I am sharing it with my friends. One of my friends lives in Temecula which is also known for its olives and olive oil and she was so surprised at how good Gundry Olive Oil is and how much it tastes like olives. Love this product! Thank you so much!!!

Celia, on 04-16-2020
High quality olive oil

This product is new to me but Iƒ??m convinced it is an excellent quality olive oil. I prefer it on salads and as a finishing drizzle on our steamed vegetables, fish, and poultry along with a spritz of lemon. Iƒ??ve only used this oil for about two weeks but Iƒ??m looking forward to enjoying the nutritional benefits in the weeks to come.

Christina Duncan, on 03-26-2020
Taste Renewed Energy

The second you experience the fresh, peppery taste of this olive oil, you're reminded how olive oil used to taste years ago -- but sadly no longer does! I love, too, how it pours out in a thin stream, which makes it easy to add to salads and steamed vegetables!...And after two bottles find I'm not aware of feeling tired anymore! So, my recommendation is tempered only by my fear that it will sell out!

Steve, on 03-09-2020

I am very much enjoying the olive oil, particularly knowing its health benefits. It is a bit bold, smoky and aromatic but I sometimes mix it with another oil in my salads, making sure I ingest at least a tablespoon full.

Doug, on 02-22-2020
Dr G's Olive

It's fantastic! I love the rich taste right out of the bottle. Also have used it as a dressing with balsamic, drizzled it on my small filet or salmon.....of course in smoothies which I also add Heart Defense to. I'm thinking it has super powers! Great special occasion present a fine wine for my friends.

Cheryl, on 01-25-2020

Great Quality with amazing benefits! I added it to my daily routine and I donƒ??t miss a day! I can definitely feel the difference in my gut health as well as my overall well being!

Tmm, on 11-26-2019
Good Product

I enjoy the taste and the mild spice of this oil. Too soon for me to comment about anything else really

Frank Ott, on 09-15-2019
Olive oil

My wife and I love this olive oil! It tastes great alone, just in a tablespoon, but sometimes we add it in our smoothies. We feel like it's making our stomach feel better, and our skin so soft. Definitely going to keep using to see more results!

Rehba Coppedge, on 02-01-2020

I love Gundry olive oil. It is the best I have ever used.

Barbara Seitz, on 12-12-2019
Just the olive oil I have been looking for!

I ordered 7 or 8 bottles and I'm going through them so quickly -- I use the oil on everything and it's just the oil I've been looking for. I've known for some time that the oils with the peppery finish have the best nutrients but I never really found a peppery olive oil and didn't know where to go to find it. Then I happened upon Dr. Gundry's website and found what I had been looking for. Thank you, Dr. Gundry! [...] Every time I finish a bottle it feels like victory to me. I'm so thrilled to have found this olive oil and will keep ordering. What a gift it is. Thank you.

Rodney James, on 11-06-2019
Olive oil is wonderful

I love the taste of the Olive oil. I take 2 or 3 shots a day and feel great when drinking it. It seems to make my digestion and elimination process smoother. My skin is softer and younger looking. Most people don't believe me when I tell them my age. The usual response is " no way". Thanks DR Gundry

John Deleo, on 11-17-2019
pricey but good

Dr. Gundry's olive oil is somewhat pricey but good. The flavor and purity seem good to me as a layman but it's hard to distinguish whether or not I'm getting all the health benefits which were touted in Dr. Gundry's video. Time will tell.

Rebecca, on 10-07-2021

Love it! The taste is exceptional! I am very exited to continue using this polyphenol rich olive oil and look forward to improved health

Robert P, on 10-01-2021

I spray this Gundry olive oil on most of my meals, especially with salads. It's nutty, peppery taste not only has it's health benefits, bust adds its taste. Living in a senior facility and with a variety of meals, I can make the most of its use on meals

Daniel Lamb, on 01-27-2020
The Best Quality

I purchased four bottles of Dr. Gundry's Olive oil just over four weeks ago. I ingest a tablespoon of it each day and I spread it over my steamed vegetables every night. Often when I ingest the oil from a tablespoon, I get asked why I do it this way, and it gives me an opportunity to explain the benefits of this particular olive oil. I will additionally say that I don't cook with this oil; I just ingest as is. The taste is phenomenal, and you won't regret choosing this olive oil over all the others that are commercially available.

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Gundry MD Olive Oil FAQ

How Do I Know If Gundry MD Olive Oil Is Right For Me?

This polyphenol-rich olive oil was designed with nearly every consumer in mind. If you’re looking for a gentle way to support already-healthy cholesterol levels, blood pressure already within the normal range, and your immune system, give this olive oil a try.1 It may be perfect for you.*

As always, consider speaking with your doctor before you make changes to your diet.


What Makes Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil Different Than Regular Olive Oil?

Gundry MD Olive Oil is one of the most nutrient-rich olive oils on the market.2 Olive oil is produced all over the world and traditionally comes from Italy, Spain, and other Mediterranean countries. Gundry MD olive oil comes from the harsh deserts of Morocco.

The dry, arid climate of the Moroccan desert encourages olive trees to go into “survival mode.” In an attempt to improve chances of survival, the trees produce extra polyphenols to help protect themselves. This results in a richer, more antioxidant-dense product. With Gundry MD olive oil, you get the delicious, smooth taste of a premium olive oil paired with the unique health benefits of extra antioxidants.*


What's The Polyphenol Content In Gundry MD Olive Oil?

This organic, extra virgin olive oil is supercharged with 30x more hydroxytyrosol polyphenols than conventional olive oil. This is according to a study of extra virgin olive oil samples from the Mediterranean region.

Gundry MD Olive Oil also contains antioxidants, vitamin E, and nutrients, like oleic acid (omega 9), linoleic acid (omega 6), omega-3, and palmitic acid.3


How Much Olive Oil Does Dr. Gundry Recommend Consuming?

Dr. Gundry is a big fan of olive oil – to cook with, pour over dishes, even sip on – and he recommends consuming a lot of it. The health benefits can be incredible. It supports already-healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure already within the normal range, your immune system, and more. In fact, he likes to joke that the only purpose of food is to get olive oil in your mouth.*

To get all of these benefits, Dr. Gundry often recommends aiming to consume one liter of olive oil a week. That’s about 10 tablespoons a day.

Need a hint on how to consume more olive oil? Try it drizzled over plates of pasta, scrambled eggs, and yogurt. Mix some in with your smoothies to make them more filling and healthy. Dr. Gundry even recommends pouring some in a small glass and knocking it back. He takes an olive oil shot every morning.4,5


Can I Trust The Quality Of Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil?

Gundry MD Olive Oil is harvested and produced in line with the high standards set by the olive oil industry. It contains potent oil extracted by olives – no extra ingredients or artificial flavors added. Every formula of Gundry Olive Oil is tested for and quality at an independent facility. You can feel confident that your order meets some of highest quality standards.

What If I Don't Like It? Is There A Guarantee?

Gundry MD guarantees that you will like this product or you can get a full refund of your purchase price. Try it – there’s no risk. This olive oil is backed up by an industry-leading 90-day refund policy. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, contact our customer service team within 90 days for assistance.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.